Making panel cutting even more cost-efficient

Discover exciting field reports from STRIEBIG users and get valuable information on how you can make your panel cutting even more cost-efficient with a new vertical STRIEBIG panel saw. 

EVOLUTION impresses all round

Moll GmbH

Windows and front doors from Moll close the openings of the house.  Classic interior fittings complete the portfolio. Precise vertical panel cutting is very important. Investments were made in a new STRIEBIG EVOLUTION.

Social media and Striebig combined to enhance productivity

Gebrüder Fritz & Ueli Wirz AG

While looking for a new vertical panel saw, Adrian Wirz came across the STRIEBIG EDITION 60 with integrated panel lowering device in a social media post. The Swiss-made innovative panel saw convinced him right away.

Integrated processes for maximum efficiency

Boschert Schreinerei & Innenausbau

To ensure quality and efficiency of panel cutting, Klaus Boschert relies on continuous digitalisation. STRIEBIG ExpertCut optimises the cutting data of the Pytha 3D CAD software and transfers it directly to the vertical CONTROL in the workshop.

Constant quality during cutting

Estermann Küchenatelier AG

After replacing a more than 40-year old STRIEBIG STANDARD with a new STRIEBIG STANDARD S, including comfort package and scoring saw unit, the angle and dimensional precision are again fully guaranteed and the pre-fabrication optimised.

Hand-guided cutting with automatic label printing

Käslin Innenausbau AG

The right part at the right time in the right place: The STRIEBIG EVOLUTION with the STRIEBIG OptiDivide accessory enables efficient cutting with clear part identification using a label – printed directly on the machine.

STRIEBIG CONTROL 7274 increases efficiency in wood construction

Walter Schwendimann AG

With the construction of an additional production hall, Walter Schwendimann AG created space for the manufacture of wood construction elements. The new STRIEBIG CONTROL 7274 ensures optimum processes in the "1-person-cut" of large format panels.

Cut optimisation boosts satisfaction

Boissec AG

Mann steht vor der Säge welche mehrheitlich vollautomatisch arbeitet

Boissec AG from Bussigny, Switzerland, sees dramatic improvement in panel cutting with a new STRIEBIG CONTROL with ExpertCut cut optimisation. Customers have greatly valued this service for years. It is enjoying increasing popularity.

The 5th Generation Is Banking on 4.0

Möbel Herten

Zwei Männer sprechen vor der Striebig Control

The great-great-grandfather worked on the extension of the rectory in Langerwehe as a carpenter and joiner. The 5th generation in the family business Möbel Herten is doing pioneering work in the digitalisation of work processes in joinery.

A Vertical Solution

Ludwigsfelder Möbel-Tischlerei

Mann steht vor vertikalen Säge

Master joiner Jens Richter is convinced by the 4D. It gives him an integrated solution, from the optimisation of the cut to the finished workpiece. This is partly thanks to the integrated panel optimisation programme

Striebig Double Act

Independent timber mechant "Bates Timber"

Mann steht neben vertikalen Säge

Independent timber mechant, Bates Timber, has invested in two STRIEBIG STANDARD TRK2 vertical panes saws in the last 18 months from leading machinery distributor; TM Machinery. Following a move to new premises that saw the Coventry-based company more than double in size and an increased demand for cut-to-size boards, investing in reliable and accurate machiner that would stand the test of time was a top priority for the growing business.