EVOLUTION impresses all round

Windows and front doors from Moll close the openings of the house.  Classic interior fittings complete the portfolio. Precise vertical panel cutting is very important. Investments were made in a new STRIEBIG EVOLUTION.

From left to right: wall, aisle, saw, panel storage - impressive space economy thanks to vertical sawing technology

Natural materials with a high level of comfort characterise Moll house doors - real wood surface, highly thermally insulated core made of wood fibre.

Head Timo Moll shows how it's done: anyone in the company can operate the STRIEBIG EVOLUTION

Quality Doors

The outer and inner top layer of the Moll doors consists of real wood or high-pressure laminate panels. The middle layer consists of a highly thermally insulated core made of ecological wood fibre. The doors are cut to size on the vertical EVOLUTION.

For everyone and everything: vertical Striebig technology

Moll relies on space-efficient vertical sawing technology for all its cutting work. A vertical panel saw had been in use since the early 1990s. It lost cutting precision over the years. The requirements for the new investment: everyone in the company had to be able to operate the saw easily and without lengthy familiarisation.  A scoring unit is a must. It must be possible to cut over a dozen different panel materials. Durability and maximum sawing precision for many years must be guaranteed.

Sustainable and innovative

Moll has been working sustainably since it was founded 178 years ago. Wood has been the basic material right from the start. A PV system with self-consumption has been installed for years. Moll impresses with its high level of innovation. The company is currently concentrating on the development of aluminium profiles for front door rebates. The profiles ensure robustness  and a long service life. 

Well chosen

"We're doing everything right with the new EVOLUTION. I'm convinced of that!"

Timo Moll

Timo Moll is a master carpenter, state-certified technician and 6th generation head of Moll GmbH in Uttenweiler, Upper Swabia.

Successful product mix from Upper Swabia

In its 178-year company history, Moll has always remained true to its basic orientation. "We focus on customised production, top-quality craftsmanship and perfect service in terms of advice, installation and customer service. Our customers appreciate this and rely on it," says Moll. His target group appreciates quality craftsmanship and service.  They are willing to pay a little more for a good product. This has been particularly evident in the increasing sales of the front door programme for a good 10 years. To ensure high quality in production, Moll emphasises clear material flow structures. As everywhere in the industry, there is a lack of space. Standard machines must take up little space and be easy to operate. At the same time, they should not get in the way when they are not in use. This is a scenario that occurs in every wood and panel processing company. A classic example of this is panel cutting. With Moll's production depth, it is necessary on a daily basis. Flexibility in use and precision in panel cutting are required. When investing in the latest vertical technology, Moll favours top quality and has clear ideas. "Everyone in the company should be able to operate the saw without any problems. They should be able to cut different panel materials, filler pieces and furniture parts without lengthy familiarisation," he explains. Over a dozen different panel materials are used. Moll sees the scoring unit as a necessary additional piece of equipment. It ensures even better cutting quality and greater precision. The choice fell on an EVOLUTION from Lucerne-based Striebig AG. "The company was known to us for Swiss precision and durability. And we can also live with the colour red," smiles Moll. After the first few months of use, he is convinced of his choice. The VSA scoring saw unit fulfils the required demands. "If the EVOLUTION accompanies us for many years to come, we will have done everything right. I'm very confident of that," says Moll as he starts up the saw.

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