Integrated processes for maximum efficiency - Digital vertical sawing

To ensure quality and efficiency of panel cutting, Klaus Boschert relies on continuous digitalisation. STRIEBIG ExpertCut optimises the cutting data of the Pytha 3D CAD software and transfers it directly to the vertical CONTROL in the workshop.

With the STRIEBIG CONTROL, equipped with ExpertCut, Klaus Boschert digitises the panel cutting in his joinery.

ExpertCut transfers digital cutting plans directly to the vertical saw. The label printer prints the label for identifying the workpieces during cutting.

Miller sales manager Franz Mendler (left) and carpenter Manuel Maier exchange ideas about the high functionality of the CONTROL touchscreen panel.

Boschert Schreinerei & Innenausbau inside

Bridge day during the visit to Gengenbach. So it's not surprising that there's hardly any work going on in the large workshop. Klaus Boschert explains that first impressions are deceptive. Most of his 12 employees are on assembly. They are assembling at the Europa-Park adventure resort in Rust. There, he says, they are able to display the full breadth of their capabilities with a wealth of ideas and creative power. "We offer complete project management in the field of interior design. The team on site has a good feeling for the perfect implementation of the requirements," the company boss is convinced. 

Variety of materials and finishes

Boschert's reference list includes an almost unmanageable variety of materials and finishes. Due to its wide range of services, Boschert not only uses classic wood and wood-based materials. He also uses mineral materials, plastic materials and composites very often.

Klaus Boschert

Owner of Boschert Schreinerei & Innenausbau

Vertical digitalisation

Despite the diversity in the individual case: the supreme discipline is and remains panel cutting and subsequent panel processing. For many years, Klaus Boschert has relied on competence, reliability and Swiss precision when it comes to cutting. The current CONTROL has been in daily use since the middle of the year. "It is already the fourth STRIEBIG machine in our company. Space has always been a scarce commodity for us. The dimensions to be cut are always highly individual. Therefore, only a vertical panel saw comes into question for us." With the investment in the CONTROL, he achieves above all a future-proof 'complete digitalisation' of panel cutting without data disruption.

With the optional STRIEBIG ExpertCut software package, his CONTROL has a cutting optimisation system specially adapted to the saw. Already in the office, the project data from the Pytha 3D CAD software installed at Boschert can be transferred to the ExpertCut application and optimised with the cutting-optimisation software. In addition to pure cutting optimisation, ExpertCut can also be used to edit and manage order, material and parts lists.The cutting plan created with ExpertCut is transmitted directly to the saw in the workshop via LAN or an extension of the customer's WLAN. The smart visualisation on the 12" touchscreen of the CONTROL guides the operator through the individual steps of the cut. "All I have to do is press the START button. The sawing unit and cross-cut fence automatically move to the defined dimensions," explains journeyman carpenter Manuel Maier. Directly during cutting, the label printer on the saw prints out the label for identifying the cut workpiece. The results of this workflow are an error-free cutting, a clear identification of the workpiece directly at the saw and a high economic efficiency. 

Manuel Maier positively assesses the possibility to run the CONTROL manually to quickly cut a single blank. The 4SB system for the automatic lower trim cut makes work easier. The panel no longer has to be turned, heavy physical work is a thing of the past. Boschert praises Miller GmbH from Leutkirch in connection with the new CONTROL. As a new Striebig trade partner, Miller sales manager Franz Medler 'really got stuck in'. Together they have implemented the digitalisation project perfectly in terms of concept, technology and schedule.

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