STRIEBIG ExpertCut – The 'PROFESSIONAL' version for the CONTROL and the STRIEBIG 4D

Simple and convenient: With ExpertCut you take on parts lists from conventional CAD or ERP systems and optimise them directly at the office workstation with the STRIEBIG cut optimisation software. You can also use the program to process and manage order, material and parts lists quickly and clearly.

You transfer the cutting plan from your office workstation directly to the CONTROL or the STRIEBIG 4D. The intelligent visualisation on the 12" touch screen panel then guides the operator through the individual steps of the cutting process. With the CONTROL and STRIEBIG 4D, the operator uses the START button to position the saw unit and the length stop (EPS-X) and automatically moves to the defined dimensions. In combination with the panel lowering device (PAV) and the fully automatically programmable panel feeder (PPS), the STRIEBIG 4D even executes the entire horizontal and vertical transport of the workpiece automatically. This way you benefit from all the features ExpertCut has to offer.

Cut by cut, CONTROL and STRIEBIG 4D process your optimised cutting plan.The label printer prints the label for the identification of the cut element directly during the cutting process. And so high quality meets top efficiency.

The scope of supply of STRIEBIG ExpertCut includes:

  • Electronic positioning system EPS-X
  • Automatic saw beam positioning ASP
  • Software package (operator guidance with STRIEBIG ExpertCut)
  • Software license for 1 office workstation (network license)
  • Label printer
  • Connection possibility for network connection via LAN
  • Operating instructions
  • Paper holder

Available for the following STRIEBIG models

The ExpertCut option cannot be retrofitted. It must be ordered ex works.


Premium-class vertical cutting centre.


The vertical high-end sawing centre.

ExpertCut: Software options

(can be retrofitted)

Residual material stock management OptiStock

This management module enables a graphic representation of the residual material stock. The offcuts can be
allocated to the various defined storage boxes.
The offcuts crated during cutting can be checked in the stock.
Offcuts are checked in and out in the offcut stock management

Bar optimisation

Bildschirm mit Visualisierung der Stangenoptimierung für die Striebig Zuschnittoptimierung

Bar material that is only cut lengthways can be optimised with the bar optimisation software (turning depth 0).

Block parts

Bildschirm mit Visualisierung der Blockteile für die Striebig Zuschnittoptimierung

Parts defined from the parts list can be combined into a block and cut as a block. The creation of block parts is helpful if, for example, the front doubles of a drawer cabinet are too narrow in width for edge gluing or if the fronts are to have a continuous grain pattern. In such cases, the front doubles are combined into one block and edged on the left and right sides. The block is then cut into the individual front doubles and edged on both sides. Precisely and at the highest quality.

Filling parts

Bildschirm mit Visualisierung der Füllteile für die Striebig Zuschnittoptimierung

Filling parts can be serial parts that are available from stock and can be used as required. As soon as the stock falls below the minimum stock level, the serial parts are generated again in the cut optimisation. These serial parts (filling parts) are generated in the cutting plan from residual materials. This means that the panels can be used more economically.

Edge calculation

Bildschirm mit Visualisierung der Kantenberechnung für die Striebig Zuschnittoptimierung

With this additional module an edge usage list can be generated. In the list generated, the lengths of all edge materials which are needed to produce the elements of this material are listed. You benefit from a better overview.

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The 'light' version for the CONTROL & STRIEBIG 4D

Create simple parts lists and automatically and easily optimise the cutting directly via the 12" touch screen panel of your STRIEBIG CONTROL or STRIEBIG 4D. The intelligent visualisation on the touch screen guides the operator through the cutting process, step by step.

Ex works option – cannot be retrofitted.


The retrofittable version

With OptiDivide you can achieve a higher degree of automation in panel cutting. The system works independently of the machine control. It can be retrofitted to many STRIEBIG models, allowing you to achieve cutting optimisation even on older machines.