EVOLUTION – precision, ergonomics and functionality perfectly combined

Automatic functions, such as automatic locking and swivelling
or the automatic insertion and removal of the sawing unit, clearly facilitate the
daily work. You too can benefit from the advantages of EVOLUTION. It can be controlled via a 12" touch screen computer. The intuitive user interface ensures perfect processing of your orders in every detail.

Highlights of the STRIEBIG EVOLUTION

Always a good decision

For years, the EVOLUTION has been at the forefront of hand-guided vertical panel saws. An EVOLUTION embodies high value through its appearance and quality. Numerous automatic functions facilitate your daily work.

Bildschirm mit Touch-Screen visualisiert alle Funktionen

Touch and work

“Touch & saw” – this revolutionary concept lets you operate the saw safely and easily.

The fingertip is enough to control the EVOLUTION. The 12" color display of the touch screen visualises all functions.

Schwenkvorgang von Horizondal auf Vertikal vom Sägeaggregat

Saw beam & saw unit – always the right cut

The automatic swivelling and the automatic insertion and removal of the sawing unit are functions of the STRIEBIG EVOLUTION that support the sawing process.

Automatische Feinjustierung des Sägeaggregates beim Horizontalschnitt der vertikalen Säge

Automatic fine adjustment of the sawing unit during horizontal cutting

The sawing unit is positioned to the approximate cutting height for horizontal cutting. When the arrow on the scale in the control unit turns green, the motor carriage will automatically lock and fine adjustment will be performed automatically.

Entry level to automatic sawing functions

Every EVOLUTION is well-equipped when it leaves the factory. You can customise it even further thanks to the wide range of options. Let your STRIEBIG specialist partner advise you.

Comprehensive standard equipment

  • 12" inch touch screen computer with optimum operator guidance
  • Laser-supported display of the horizontal cut
  • Digital measuring system DMS-XY
  • Automatic saw beam locking with interface recognition
  • Automatic locking and swivelling of the sawing unit
  • Automatic insertion and removal of the sawing unit
  • Automatic fine adjustment of the sawing unit
  • Operating time counter
  • Tool database
  • ALU centre support over the entire machine length
  • Integrated, powerful TRK dust extraction. Dust limit value around 1 mg/m³
  • Control cabinet directly attached to the saw frame
  • Super-silent noise insulation
  • UPS 24VDC for Touch-PC (uninterruptible power supply)
  • ProLock easy-fix tool clamping system

STRIEBIG OptiDivide cutting optimisation

The retrofittable version


OptiDivide ensures a higher degree of automation in panel cutting. The system works independently of the machine control. It can be retrofitted to many STRIEBIG models.

The scope of supply includes:

  • Compact aluminium housing with integrated 12" touch screen panel
  • Label printer (installed and protected in the housing, operated by means of a drawer)
  • Network connection via wireless network
  • Software package STRIEBIG cutting optimisation, incl. 1 network licence for office workstation
  • Power cable
  • Mounting adapter for the corresponding Striebig model
  • Operating instructions

Scoring saw unit


Vorritz-Sägeaggregat VSA für die Striebig Control

Saving time, costs and tools: The scoring saw unit provides even better cutting quality for coated panels.

Angle cutting unit


Winkelschnittgerät WSG für vertikale Säge

The STRIEBIG angle cutting device ensures the set dimension is maintained accurately in all angle settings.

Paper holder


The paper holder keeps all work documents within easy reach directly on the touch screen panel.

Small workpiece support, aluminium

(2 elements)

Kleinteilauflage Aluminium

Secure support for small workpieces in the area of the central support.

High-end frames made of synthetic materials

High-End Raster aus synthetischen Werkstoffen für die vertikale Säge

Used for the processing of particularly difficult panel coatings.

Grooving accessory for composite panels and adjustable grooving tools


Nutvorrichtung für die Striebig Control

Routing of wood materials and composite panels on the EVOLUTION is easy with the appropriate additional equipment.

Ex works option – cannot be retrofitted.

Reversible carbide tip profile cutter for composite panels


drei Wendeplatten Profilfräser für die vertikale Säge

The STRIEBIG carbide profile cutters are available in three versions, U-shaped, 90° and 135°. They are specially designed for use on STRIEBIG panel saws and deliver optimum results when grooving composite panels.

Reversible carbide tips for adjustable grooving tools for grooving work


WPL Wendeplatten Verstellnuter für die Striebig Control

The original STRIEBIG adjustable grooving tool (8 – 15 mm groove width) enables maximum efficiency of operation with short retooling times.

Two-speed saw motor

4 kW

Sägemotor mit 2 Drehzahlen

Lower cutting speeds are required when working with some materials.A two-speed saw motor can be installed for this purpose.

Ex works option – cannot be retrofitted.

Network connection

With this feature you provide a connection of EVOLUTION to the customer network.

Ex works option – cannot be retrofitted.

Provide machine data

I 4.0 ready

With this accessory, relevant machine data such as machine running time, engine hours, mains hours, date, time and status are written to a .csv/.xml file. This data is available to higher-level systems (not included in the scope of delivery) for evaluation in real time.

Set for free-standing assembly

Set für freistehende Montage

Set with free-standing supports for floor mounting.

Horizontal separation of the frame

Optionally, the saw frame can be produced horizontally and separately. This results in smaller transport units, especially when access to the installation site is difficult.

Ex works option – cannot be retrofitted.

Cutting height limit of Y-axis

The cutting height in the Y-axis can be reduced, e.g. if the room height is limited. A precise clarification on site by your STRIEBIG sales partner is necessary for this.

Ex works option – cannot be retrofitted.

Special voltage

The saw motors and controls can be designed for country-specific operating voltages.

Ex works option – cannot be retrofitted.

Tropical insulation

For tropical areas the saw motor can be supplied with special insulation for higher humidity and against damage from termites.

Ex works option – cannot be retrofitted.
Weight of the saw approx. 1.100 kg
Cutting depth 80 mm *1
Saw motor power 5.5 kW (7.5 HP)
Saw blade diameter 300 mm
Saw blade bore 30 mm *2
Emission sound pressure level at the workplace LpA 83 dB *3
Saw blade speed 4800 rpm
1 extraction connection ø 140 mm
Compressed air connection 6-10 bar
Wattage 7.3 kW
Mains connection 3 x 400 V / 50 Hz


*1 Option: 103 mm · *2 with 2 side holes Ø 9 mm, radius 30 mm · *3 Measurement standards and emission values according to EN 1870-14, measurement uncertainty allowance K = 4dB (A). (All data refers to EVOLUTION type 6224)

For all machines the following applies:
Efficient TRK dust extraction significantly below 2 mg/m3. The system used must have an extraction performance of 20 m/s in order to meet the TRK specifications. (Vacuum approx. 1400 Pa. / COMPACT approx. 1470 Pa) at the connector in order to meet the TRK specifications.

Technical note:
Permissible ambient temperature min: + 5 °C / max. + 40 °C
Relative humidity: 19 - 95% without condensation
In case of mains fluctuations greater than +/- 10% of the nominal voltage, a voltage stabiliser must be installed at the place of use.

The technical specifications are approximate values.
We reserve the right to make changes due to further developments.

Dimensions in mm
Type L* H T1
6224 6645 3018 1741 1361
6216 6645 2934 1700 1354
6168 6645 2460 1500 1312
5224 5645 3018 1741 1361
5216 5645 2934 1700 1354
5168 5645 2460 1500 1312
4224 4645 3018 1741 1361
4216 4645 2934 1700 1354
4168 4645 2460 1500 1312

* L = Total length of the machine, including control cabinet

Cutting area in mm
Type LS HS
6224 5300 2240 2100
6216 5300 2160 2016
6168 5300 1680 1540
5224 4300 2240 2100
5216 4300 2160 2016
5168 4300 1680 1540
4224 3300 2240 2100
4216 3300 2160 2016
4168 3300 1680 1540



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