Striebig AG - Pioneer of vertical sawing technology

Around 60 years ago, Ludwig Striebig, master joiner from Littau in Lucerne, built a vertical panel saw for his joinery, consisting of a wooden frame and a beam with a moving sawing unit. With his invention he created the basic concept for vertical sawing technology. Striebig AG will always carry this pioneering spirit into the future. We still concentrate exclusively on vertical sawing technology and continue to develop our woodworking machinery with passion, expertise and a spirit of innovation. The results are Swiss-made STRIEBIG models that convince with a wide range of functions, high precision and best quality.



Striebig is customer-oriented

Our customers are a crucial part of the Striebig family and share the enthusiasm for our company's woodworking machines just as we do. They are consistently integrated into all stages of the value-added process, so that their needs are always the focus of our actions. This creates added value – for everyone involved!

Striebig is innovative

The continuous improvement process is a central element of the innovative strength of Striebig AG. It is based on the motivation of all employees to become even better as a team through continuous learning. We are the original and the innovation leader in vertical sawing technology!

Striebig is determined

Our processes are stable and consistently geared to creating value for our customers. Through close cooperation with suppliers as well as the interaction of all areas in the company, we achieve a sustainable increase in customer satisfaction, productivity and environmentally friendly production. This is how we safeguard the future of the company – and the quality of our products and services!

Striebig is reliable

Striebig is always open to new directions and possibilities. This openness results from mutual trust, transparent communication, respect and team-oriented cooperation in pursuit of a common goal. These are the cornerstones of our success. We are Striebig!

Management of Striebig AG

Bild von GL Mitglied Hans Bättig
Hans Bättig

Production & Technology

Bild von GL Mitglied Daniel Bucher
Daniel Bucher

CEO / Marketing & Sales

Pius Elmiger

Development & Engineering

Bild von GL Mitglied Jürg Meier
Jürg Meier

Finance & Administration


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All-round certification

We always focus on the overall economic and ecological context of our activities. The entire company of Striebig AG is certified for its management systems in the areas of quality, environment, occupational health and safety.





May 2021: 60 years ago the serial production of the STRIEBIG "panel saw" started.


September 2021: Presentation of special model EDITION 60, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the company.


March 2021: Presentation of the redesign model STRIEBIG 4D with ExpertCut and BaseCut. The high-end sawing centre with perfect equipment.


May 2019: Presentation of the redesigned EVOLUTION model with automatic fine adjustment of the sawing unit during horizontal cutting at the Ligna Hannover trade fair.


March 2018: Presentation of the redesigned CONTROL model with ExpertCut CON / BaseCut CON / OptiDivide at the Holz-Handwerk trade fair in Nuremberg.


May 2017: Presentation of the STANDARD S at the Ligna Hannover trade fair.


January 2014: Installation of the first STRIEBIG 4D at a customer where it stands the test from the very beginning.


May 2013: Presentation of the STRIEBIG 4D, the vertical high-end sawing centre.


After 10 years, the EVOLUTION and CONTROL still maintain a secure position as market leaders in vertical panel saws.


Integration of the tool database into the “touch & saw” operating system, a total of more than a dozen improvements in the product range within one year.


May 2009: Introduction of the new CONTROL and EVOLUTION saws with cutting-edge “touch & saw” operating system at the Ligna Hannover trade fair. EVOLUTION stands for top-class vertical sawing technology, CONTROL is a premium-class vertical cutting centre.


Delivery of the 40,000th STRIEBIG panel saw by our sales partner Albricci s.r.l., Cesano Mademo IT.


Autumn 2007: Move to the new production and administration building.
November 2007: Introduction of the new COMPACT / COMPACT AV at the Holz Messe in Basel.


Start of construction work for a new production and administration building in Littau/Lucerne.


Market launch of the new STANDARD (TRK1 / TRK2) at the Ligna Hannover trade fair.


Market launch of the newly designed and enhanced COMPACT, restructuring of the sales programme.
Successful recertification according to ISO-9001:2000 and ISO-14001:2004; new occupational safety certification according to OHSAS 18001:1999.


Market launch of the EVOLUTION and CONTROL model series.
“Design Prize Switzerland” 2001 for the new EVOLUTION and CONTROL model series. Recognition awards in the field of “Industrial Design”.
Market launch of the automatic four-sided trimming function on EVOLUTION and CONTROL.


Market launch of the COMPACT model.
ISO-9001 certification.


Delivery of the 30,000th STRIEBIG panel saw to the company Scobalit.


Equipment of the STANDARD II and the ECONOM IIA with the TRK extraction system.


Market launch of the STANDARD III / TRK and AUTOMAT III / TRK models. Special sizes added to the standard portfolio.


Market introduction of the STANDARD II Plus and AUTOMAT II Plus models.
German Prize for Outstanding Innovative Achievement for Trade.


Awarded the Innovation Award, IWIE – Birmingham.


Market launch of the TEMPOMAT.
Named “Best Partner” by the Association of German Machine and Tool Wholesalers (FDM).


Market launch of the ECONOM model.


Market launch of the AUTOMAT model.


Foundation of Striebig AG.
Named “Best Partner” by the Association of German Machine and Tool Wholesalers (FDM).


Market launch of the 68 model / extension of the 68 model series.


Market launch of the 64 model.
Development of a network of dealers abroad.
Participation in the Swiss National Exhibition in Lausanne.


Market launch of the 62 model.


Preparation of the 62 model for series production.


The basic concept of today's vertical panel saw is developed in Ludwig Striebig's joinery workshop.


Construction of a vertical panel saw, consisting of a wooden frame and a beam with a moving sawing unit, by Ludwig Striebig, master joiner from Littau in Lucerne/Switzerland, for his own joinery workshop.


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