STRIEBIG BaseCut – The 'light' version for CONTROL and STRIEBIG 4D

Create simple parts lists with STRIEBIG BaseCut and automatically and easily optimise the cutting directly via the 12" touch screen panel of your CONTROL or STRIEBIG 4D. Thanks to the intelligent visualisation on the touch screen, you, as the operator, are guided through the cutting process. Step by step according to your cutting plan.

Using the START button of the electronic positioning system, the operator places the saw unit and the lenght stop (EPS-X) on the CONTROL and STRIEBIG 4D and it automatically moves to the defined dimensions. In combination with the panel lowering device (PAV) and the fully automatic programmable panel feeder (PPS), the STRIEBIG 4D even executes the entire horizontal and vertical transport of the workpiece automatically.

CONTROL and STRIEBIG 4D reliably process your optimised cutting plan cut by cut. The label printer prints the label of the cut element directly during the cutting process. This makes it easy to identify it later, which is an advantage particularly in case of complex orders.

The scope of supply of STRIEBIG BaseCut includes:

  • Electronic positioning system EPS-X
  • Software package (operator guidance with STRIEBIG BaseCut)
  • Label printer
  • Connection possibility for network connection via LAN
  • Operating instructions
  • Paper holder

Available for the following STRIEBIG models

The BaseCut option cannot be retrofitted. It must be ordered ex works.


Premium-class vertical cutting centre.


The vertical high-end sawing centre.

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The 'professional' version for the CONTROL & STRIEBIG 4D

ExpertCut Control

With ExpertCut, parts lists can be transferred from conventional ERP or CAD systems and optimised directly at the office workstation. The cutting plan is transferred to the STRIEBIG CONTROL or STRIEBIG 4D. The intelligent visualisation on the 12" touch screen panel accompanies operators step by step through the cutting process.

Ex works option – cannot be retrofitted.


The retrofittable version


OptiDivide offers users a higher degree of automation in panel cutting. The system works independently of the machine control. It can be retrofitted to many STRIEBIG models.