Design kitchens machined quickly and precisely

Estermann-Küchenatelier is committed to individuality. For more than 20 years, Martin Estermann (Owner/Sales) and Erich Tiefenthaler (Owner/Project Management) and their employees have been an established and professional team in the planning, sale and assembly of brand-name kitchens. With the new STRIEBIG STANDARD S, high-quality designer kitchens can be easily and individually adapted and complemented with exclusive kitchen furniture, shelves and tables from the company’s in-house carpentry.

STANDARD S TRK1 with an automatically yielding wooden support wall - ideally suited for safe, efficient and precise cutting.

The "Comfort package” includes pneumatic clamping of the motor carriage and the digital measuring system DMS-Y, incl. motorised precision setting.

Quick and easy change of the main and scoring saw blade for efficient cutting and excellent cutting results.

The STRIEBIG is the most used saw unit in our operation

«It keeps running and running, day in, day out, order by order. This was already the motto of the previous STRIEBIG STANDARD dating back to 1972», says Erich Tiefenthaler. The benefits of the new generation STRIEBIG STANDARD S - for example the absolute angle and dimensional accuracy, simple operation and the ideal price/performance ratio - convinced us to replace the existing panel saw. The choice of an easy-to-operate machine with excellent equipment (convenience package and scoring) has paid off in every aspect and is ideally suited for use by Estermann Küchenatelier.»

Convenient operation and exceptional cutting results

«For kitchen adjustments and additions, the angles and dimensions must be 100% accurate. The furniture faces and rear walls need particularly high attention. The digital displays on the STRIEBIG STANDARD S allow us to make absolutely accurate cuts. The scoring unit additionally extends the service life of the saw blades and ensures tear-free pre-cutting even longer.»

Bruno Kunz


From A to Z, everything must be precisely correct

For more than 20 years now, Martin Estermann and Erich Tiefenthaler, together with their team employees have been active in the development and implementation of overall kitchen plans for customers in Switzerland. The company is comprised of the exhibition and sales facilities in the middle of Lucerne on the one hand, and the company's own carpentry workshop or fast and individual production on the other. The scope of services includes dimensional measurement, consulting, concept planning, complete restructuring planning, production and assembly. 

Everything needs to be precisely correct and go hand-in-hand. A well-equipped carpentry workshop for implementing the orders is just as decisive for this as is the right planning procedure. When it comes to manufacturing of special furniture or adjustments to structural conditions in particular, the capacity of making the required machining operations in-house substantially facilitates the required process. Precision cutting on the STRIEBIG STANDARD S is the basis for production, ensuring customers are fully satisfied at the end of the project. 

At Estermann, various MDF, chip and synthetic resin plates are processed in different sizes and thickness. Ergonomic and secure cutting is as important for smooth operations as the precision aspects. With the automatically yielding wooden support wall and the integrated small part support, even thin materials have an ideal and stable support on the STANDARD S. 

Convenience in a new kitchen is no longer reserved for customers only. The optional comfort package makes work much easier during the cutting process. For example, cutting dimensions can be set with a precision adjustment to a tenth by the digital measuring system. The integrated pneumatic module also allows blocking of the sawing unit for the horizontal cut and automatic blocking of the support rollers when the sawing unit is immersed. And last but not least, the laser-supported display of the horizontal cut simplifies visual positioning of the sawing unit.

Private customers constitute 80% of Estermann Küchenatelier AG's clientele. Their needs are discussed in personal meetings with the project manager. Based on this, a comprehensive solution is designed together. Customized wishes, requests and designs are developed . Thanks to the optimal configuration of the STRIEBIG, customer requirements can then be perfectly implemented.

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