Accuracy and ergonomics thanks to latest Striebig technology

In the production of kitchens, cabinets and furniture, the consistency of planning, work preparation and production is fundamental. At Gebrüder Fritz und Ueli Wirz AG, the new STRIEBIG EDITION 60 represents an ideal expansion of the machine pool. The innovative product ensures smooth single-operator cutting and significantly increases productivity. In interaction with STRIEBIG OptiDivide, the manufacturer parts are clearly identified with a label during cutting. 

After 3D visualisation for the customer, parts lists are transferred from the CAD software to the ERP system and optimised by STRIEBIG OptiDivide.

The optimisation procedure creates cutting plans, which are processed with OptiDivide on the machine. A label is printed for each part.

The continuous cutting process with the integrated panel lowering device ensures short processing times and an ergonomic, safe workflow.

Swiss-made in precision and quality come first

High-quality kitchen design and interior finishing from the own workshop are part of the philosophy of Gebrüder Fritz und Ueli Wirz AG. The in-house manufacture of the products is consistently implemented and represented to the customers by the crossbow trademark indicating the Swiss-Label membership. Membership of Swiss-Label is subject to strict requirements and promotes values such as quality, tradition and down-to-earthness.  The company shares these basic values with Striebig in its daily activities, which has a lasting positive influence on the precision and quality of the products. 

High-quality carpentry work with Striebig for 40 years

Due to the spatial separation of several hundred metres between the administration and production buildings, it is all the more important to have clearly structured and functional processes in operation. The employees work independently and benefit from a modern infrastructure with direct data flow to the STRIEBIG EDITION 60 and independent panel cutting with the panel lowering device.

Adrian Wirz

Managing Director

Panels are only picked up once during the cutting process

The EDITION 60 with integrated panel lowering device offers a decisive advantage over conventional vertical panel saws. The format panel is placed on the machine, divided from bottom to top and each strip is cut directly vertically to its final size. The machine is operated by means of clearly arranged buttons. During cutting, the remaining format panel is held securely by the panel lowering device. This eliminates the need to remove the strips and put them back on for the vertical cuts. 

After the initial personal meeting at the customer's premises, a wide variety of designs can be presented live to customers at the company's kitchen and bathroom furniture showroom. Subsequently, an individual 3D visualisation and a suitable offer are created.  After an order has been approved, a parts list is generated using CAD software and transferred to the industry ERP. The ERP parts list is then amended by additional information, such as edge patterns or drilling programmes, and transferred to the Striebig cutting optimisation system. After optimisation, the cutting plan data is available to the operator on the STRIEBIG OptiDivide for processing. With the standard digital measuring systems on the length and height axes, the optimised part sizes can be set quickly and accurately. The cutting process is carried out with manual feed, without the need to hold a strip. This contributes to even safer cutting. When the final cut of the corresponding part has been made, the part identification label is printed.

Gebrüder Fritz und Ueli Wirz AG is enthusiastic about the new STRIEBIG EDITION 60 with integrated panel lowering device. It facilitates handling and reduces the risk of damage. The increased efficiency, speed and accuracy have optimised production processes and led to increased satisfaction among customers and employees. Proximity to the customer is a priority for the company. The majority of our customers are private clients and architects, with whom we have enjoyed a good working relationship for many years. According to managing director Adrian Wirz, demand for customised kitchens and furniture is high and the order situation is very positive. Gebrüder Fritz und Ueli Wirz AG is proactively addressing the shortage of skilled workers: the team of 14 employees includes four apprentices. 

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