The trimming of wood panels is an important step in wood processing in order to achieve an exact and smooth cutting edge. This facilitates the further processing of the panels and also leads to a higher quality of the final results. Trimming with a STRIEBIG panel saw is a fast and effective method to cut workpieces to width and length. With the right settings and tools, perfect trimming cuts can be made, delivering a smooth and clean edge. The flexibility and precision of STRIEBIG panel saws can be enhanced even further by using various accessories.

When processing wood panels, trimming is a crucial step that has an important influence on further processing. Trimming means removing the rough edges and imperfections of wood panels to achieve a perfect finish. This yields several benefits, starting with an enhanced visual appeal of the final product. The smooth and even edges give the trimmed piece a clean and professional look, increasing its quality appeal. In addition, removing the rough areas provides a smoother surface, which improves the general appearance. Another important aspect of trimming is safety. Pieces of wood with rough and uneven edges can cause injuries. Trimming makes the edges smooth and safe. Furthermore, trimming also contributes to the quality of the final product. Uneven edges and grooves may weaken the piece of wood, possibly causing it to break or crack more quickly. Therefore, to achieve the best results when processing wood, it is always advisable to pay attention to the trimming.

The trimming cut is a basic cutting technique that is often used when processing wood with a vertical panel saw. It involves removing irregular edges from pieces of wood so that a straight and smooth edge is achieved. To perform a trimming cut, a few steps should be followed. Before trimming, the workpiece should be properly aligned and securely fixed with no obstructions or foreign objects near the cutting area. The panel saw settings should be matched to the material to be cut and the saw blade should be positioned carefully. After starting the saw, the saw unit is guided over the workpiece in a controlled manner, ensuring a safe distance. An even and continuous feed ensures a clean and precise trimming cut. The result is checked for straightness, smoothness and accuracy. It is important that the trimming cut is carried out carefully. Precise alignment, safe handling and the right saw blade are prerequisites.

STRIEBIG panel saws offer users various options to make their work easier and to open up additional options to suit the application. For example, the STRIEBIG Control model offers the EPSY system for standardised automated horizontal trimming cuts on the upper panel edge and the optionally available 4SB automatic bottom trimming system for horizontal trimming of the lower panel edge. This eliminates the need to turn the panel and increases efficiency in panel cutting. On the STRIEBIG 4D and EDITION 60 models, the PAV automatic panel lowering devices take over the process of horizontal trimming. These options improve the performance and accuracy of STRIEBIG panel saws during trimming and enable precise and repeatable cuts. Thanks to well thought-out accessories and options, users can increase the flexibility and precision of their STRIEBIG panel saws for important trimming tasks.

The cross-cut fence is a practical device to ensure precise guidance and alignment of the workpiece when cutting vertically. It enables the workpiece to be aligned parallel to the saw blade and to achieve a straight cutting edge. To use the cross-cut fence, it is set to the cutting width. The workpiece is positioned against the cross-cut fence so that the edge to be cut is flush and parallel to the fence. During the cut, the saw unit is guided over the workpiece in a controlled manner. After the vertical cut, the result is checked to ensure that the quality of the edge is as expected. If necessary, adjustments can be made until the results are satisfactory. To ensure safe and effective use, Striebig's instructions and safety measures should be followed at all times when working with the cross-cut fence and panel saw.

A digital cross-cut fence is a modern and precise version of the conventional cross-cut fence for panel saws. With a digital measuring display, it enables the exact setting of the cutting width without manual measurements or scales. It thus offers carpenters and woodworkers reliable support for precise and dimensionally accurate cuts of high quality. Cutting widths can be adjusted quickly by setting the the value on the display. The digital cross-cut fence enables precise intermediate steps and facilitates operation, saves time and minimises errors. To achieve optimal results, careful alignment and fixing of the panel is still important.

Vacuum trimming is an advanced method for securely clamping workpieces during cutting. By applying negative pressure, the workpiece is held evenly on a work surface. Vacuum trimming offers several advantages. Firstly, it allows the holding force to be evenly distributed over the entire length of the workpiece, resulting in precise and smooth cuts. Secondly, it enables the machining of delicate materials where conventional clamping devices or clamps might leave unwanted pressure marks. Thirdly, vacuum trimming enables faster set-up and changeover between different workpieces, as no manual adjustment of clamping fixtures is required. However, it is important to note that vacuum trimming requires specialised equipment with a vacuum pump and a well-designed vacuum system. The workpiece should have as smooth and clean a surface as possible so that the vacuum can generate sufficient hold-down force.

STRIEBIG's high-precision panel saws include several models with electronic length measurement. This useful feature helps operators make precise cuts to length. It improves the efficiency, accuracy and repeatability of the cutting process and helps to achieve high-quality results. The electronic positioning system displays the automatically approached measure, which saves time and minimises measuring errors. The electronic length measurement provides high accuracy and promotes consistent results. It can also be integrated with other functions such as cut list programmes. Correct handling and maintenance are important to ensure accurate measurements in the long term.

Striebig's range of products includes the WSG angle cutting device, which enables precise trimming cuts at various angles. The device is attached to the vertical panel saw and has an angle scale for setting the cutting angle. The workpiece is positioned against the angle cutting device to ensure parallel alignment. The trimming cut is made slowly and in a controlled manner while the workpiece is pressed securely against the angle cutting device. After the cut, the result is checked and adjustments can be made if necessary.  The angle cutting device from Striebig facilitates the precise trimming of workpieces at different angles. It enables carpenters and other users to perform complex angled trimming cuts and handle a variety of projects with specific requirements. Important: To ensure safe and effective use, the manufacturer's instructions and the necessary safety measures must be observed when working with the angle cutting device and panel saw.

Striebig AG offers:

  • Vertical panel saws with different length measuring systems for trimming and cutting panels to length.
  • Boards and panels of various lengths can be trimmed
  • Safe sawing and trimming by means of vacuum trimming
  • Consulting for the  purchase of a STRIEBIG panel saw. Our  sales partners will be pleased to help you