Purchasing a STRIEBIG

The original vertical sawing technology equipment has been produced at the Striebig production site in Lucerne ever since the pioneer and company founder Ludwig Striebig built the first vertical panel saw for his own joinery in 1958.

Striebig focuses on the development and production of vertical panel saws. For decades Striebig has been working with proven specialist trading partners for sales.

Striebig has its own innovative and customer-oriented product development unit at its Lucerne production site. In recent years, it has made great efforts to further optimise the saw frame, saw beam, saw unit, operation and safety of the machines. This results in greater precision, improved cutting quality and increased service life of the saw blades, as well as more convenient operation and digital consistency in the production process.

The sizing cut principle enables users of STRIEBIG panel saws to cut panels with ready-to-glue edges without extra finishing work and with an accuracy of 1/10 mm. 

The digitalisation of production processes, including the integration of intelligent and convenient cutting optimisation, is an important topic. that was successfully implemented with the CONTROL (from model Con 18) and STRIEBIG 4D vertical panel saws. This ensures consistency in the production process and offers direct benefits in the data and production flow.

Solid floor conditions are important. The ideal floor surface is concrete. The foundation should be horizontal, level and low in vibration. Free-standing assembly is possible through the use of free-standing supports (accessories) supplied by the factory. Again, proper floor conditions are important for anchoring the machine. Space-saving wall assembly requires continuous, load-bearing brickwork or a wood/metal construction to accommodate for attachment of the wall supports supplied. Intrinsically, vertical panel saws require very little floor space. However, for loading and working on the machine, suitable floor space must also be taken into account.

Proper operation of your vertical panel saw can only be guaranteed at an ambient temperature of min. +5°C/max. +40°C and relative humidity of 19-95% without condensation.