General questions about the application

For theCONTROL and STRIEBIG 4D models, the strip dimension can be entered on the 12" touchscreen and automatically adjusted as standard via the EPS-Y electronic positioning system. For several identical strip cuts, users simply need to press the repeat button. The panels are raised on the STRIEBIG 4D sawing centre with panel lowering device (PAV) and the strips are automatically positioned below, above the support rollers. On the EVOLUTION model (from model Evo 18), the sawing unit for strip cuts is manually pre-positioned and the final position is set by an automatic fine adjustment.

Yes, simultaneous cutting of several panels is possible up to the maximum cutting thickness.

All models have the possibility of optionally installing a grooving tool in the machine. For the STANDARD S, EVOLUTION, CONTROL and STRIEBIG 4D models, the grooving tool must be specified at the factory when ordering. Retrofitting is not possible. The COMPACT and STANDARD models can be retrofitted with a grooving tool.

The STRIEBIG HM 90°, 135° and U-shaped profile cutters are specially designed for use on STRIEBIG panel saws and deliver optimum results when machining Alucobond panels. The original STRIEBIG adjustable grooving tool (8-15 mm groove width) affords maximum efficiency of operation and short retooling times when grooving. Profile cutters and adjustable grooving tools are available separately.

All STRIEBIG models can also be operated in manual mode. This allows the operator to decide whether to perform a saw cut manually, semi-automatically or automatically.

For the EVOLUTION, CONTROL and STRIEBIG 4D models, the basic configuration always includes a digital dimension display in the X and Y axes. A digital dimension display can also be ordered as an accessory for the COMPACT, STANDARD and STANDARD S models.

The electronic positioning system EPS replaces the digital measuring system DMS with an electronically controlled stop system. The basic equipment of the CONTROL (from 09 model) and STRIEBIG 4D models includes the electromotive positioning system for horizontal cuts EPS-Y as standard. The electromotive positioning system for vertical cuts EPS-X can be ordered optionally for the CONTROL and STRIEBIG 4D models. Both electromotive stop systems can be conveniently operated via the operator terminal.

Printing part labels directly at the machine is possible with the CONTROL (from Con 18 model) and STRIEBIG 4D in combination with the cutting optimisation. It is a direct thermal label printer, which is equipped with a 101x76 mm label roll. The maximum label width is 108 mm, the minimum label height 15 mm.

This option is available with the OptiDivide accessory. The OptiDivide cutting optimisation system consists of a touchscreen computer with preinstalled cutting optimisation software. Together with a label printer, the computer is integrated in a compact aluminium housing, which can be fitted on the existing machine with a holder or positioned next to the machine on a table. This system is independent of the machine control.

It can be used to upgrade the following machine models:

  • STRIEBIG COMPACT (from year of manufacture 2004)
  • STRIEBIG STANDARD TRK (from year of manufacture 2005)
  • STRIEBIG EVOLUTION / CONTROL (from year of manufacture 2001)

The STRIEBIG cutting optimisation parts list has one field each with order info, additional info, element no., item no., number of pieces, raw dimensions, finished dimensions and 25 further information fields. This allows any information to be printed on the label. All information must be provided by the industry solution and is imported into the correct column of the parts list using the appropriate import driver. The label is rectangular. The length and width measurements can also be defined in the edge image so that it is always clear what the length and width are. The alignment of the grain must be defined via the length and width. Grain direction is always lengthways. Edge images can be defined as desired. Barcodes or QR codes can also be printed, the information for this is provided by the industry solution. Company logos can also be printed on the label.

Machine operation of STRIEBIG models: 20 languages

STRIEBIG cutting optimisation: German, English, French, Italian

With the CONTROL (from model Con 18) and the STRIEBIG 4D, the network connection is included in the basic configuration as standard. With the EVOLUTION model, a network connection can be ordered as an option for new machines.

No, this is not possible for functional reasons. If the compressed air falls below the minimum requirement, the sawing unit comes up and the machine stops.

Machines from year of manufacture 2008 are provided with a preparation for VSA, these models can therefore be retrofitted with a scoring saw unit.

The grooving tool cannot be retrofitted to the STANDARD S, EVOLUTION, CONTROL and STRIEBIG 4D models. The Compact and Standard models can be retrofitted with a grooving tool.

The panel-end sensor is controlled via the extraction hood and works with most materials. The function can be switched off via the control unit for material thicknesses below 4 mm.

A rating plate/rating sticker with the relevant data is attached to the sawing unit. Place the sawing unit in the horizontal position so that the rating plate can be read easily. The machine number is required, for example, for a customer service/spare parts service query.