Areas of application of Striebig machines

Striebig's high-quality panel saws are used in a wide range of industries including woodworking, non-ferrous metals processing, plastics processing and other industries that cut panel materials. No matter what sector you are in, the vertical panel saws offer you the ideal solution for accurate cutting results. Whether you manufacture furniture, cut aluminium composite panels or process plastic panels – with a STRIEBIG you are perfectly equipped.

Due to their versatility, vertical panel saws from Striebig are a popular choice for various applications. STRIEBIG panel saws can cut various materials, including wood, plastics such as acrylic panels, composites and aluminium. This makes them suitable for a wide range of applications in various industries such as furniture making, joinery, construction and sign making. The high-quality and precise design of STRIEBIG panel saws enables accurate, clean cuts in joinery quality. This is particularly beneficial in furniture making and other demanding tasks where dimensionally accurate parts must be produced with tight tolerances. Thanks to its vertical alignment and generous cutting capacity, your STRIEBIG panel saw lets you process large panels and boards very efficiently. This saves time when processing materials in industrial and commercial applications. The space-saving design is also ideal for workshops or production environments with limited space. In addition, Striebig places great emphasis on user-friendliness. The panel saws are easy to operate and offer features such as automatic feed systems and intuitive controls to increase efficiency and facilitate operation.

Thanks to their accuracy, user-friendliness and quality, STRIEBIG panel saws are indispensable machines in wood processing. They optimise workflows, increase productivity and enable the production of high-quality wood products. Whether in joinery, furniture making or other areas of the wood industry, machines from Striebig offer the performance and accuracy needed for successful woodworking projects. One of the main applications of the STRIEBIG panel saw in wood processing is the cutting of wood panels, for example for dry construction, table tops, worktops, decorative panels or other furniture panels. Due to their precise cuts and their ability to cut dimensionally true parts with high accuracy, vertical panel saws are ideal for building furniture, cabinets, shelves and other wooden constructions. In addition, they are also excellent for cutting veneered panels. Thanks to their accuracy, they enable the manufacture of high-quality veneer surfaces for furniture, doors, wall panelling and other decorative wood products. In addition, STRIEBIG panel saws can be fitted with accessories for precise angular cutting. This is particularly important for building frames, doors, windows and other wooden structures where exact angles are a fundamental. In addition to solid wood, your STRIEBIG saw can also cut wood materials such as plywood, coated panels and composites. You will benefit from an extremely wide range of possible applications when it comes to cutting wood.

Vertical panel saws from Striebig play a decisive role in plastics processing and offer a wide range of application options. Due to their outstanding precision and performance, the machines enable the processing of a wide variety of plastic materials and contribute to the efficient production of first-class plastic products. In manufacturing, they are particularly in demand for cutting plastic sheets. With their accurate cutting action and ability to cut dimensionally true parts with the highest precision, the panel saws enable the production of plastic components for various industries such as advertising technology, trade fair construction, the packaging industry and many more. In addition, STRIEBIG machines are ideal for processing various plastics such as PVC, acrylic glass, polyethylene and other plastic composites. They enable precise cutting to realise complex shapes and designs. Custom sizes are also possible. Thanks to its user-friendly operation and outstanding quality, the STRIEBIG panel saw is an efficient and reliable solution for plastics processing. It supports production processes, increases efficiency and contributes to the production of high-quality plastic components that meet customers' specific requirements.

STRIEBIG vertical panel saws can be used in a variety of ways in the processing of non-ferrous metals. When processing composite panels and other non-ferrous metal materials, they enable highly accurate cuts and exact cutting edges. With their high performance and accuracy, they are ideal for applications such as cutting non-ferrous metal composite panels, cutting non-ferrous metal profiles and much more. Especially when it comes to cutting ALUCOBOND® and DIBOND® panels, STRIEBIG saws have proven their worth in the market. Thanks to their versatile functions and user-friendliness, Striebig saws also make a noticeable contribution to increasing efficiency and precision in metal processing.

STRIEBIG plays a very important role in the construction industry and offers various application possibilities. Vertical panel saws enable precise cuts of construction panels such as chipboard, MDF boards, triple-layer panels, OSB panels and plasterboard for wall cladding, ceiling panelling, formwork and other construction-related applications. They are also ideal for the production of prefabricated building elements such as cabinets, kitchens, doors and panelling, as they allow panel cutting of different materials such as wood and plastics. STRIEBIG saws also support the efficient production of formwork elements for concrete structures and offer the possibility to precisely cut insulation materials such as polystyrene and mineral wool. Last but not least, they enable special designs and individual projects in the building trade by cutting large-format panels. Furthermore, STRIEBIG machines can also be used to optimise modern production processes.

Vertical panel saws from Striebig are extremely versatile in advertising technology and indispensable tools for the production of high-quality advertising materials. They enable precise cutting of advertising materials such as acrylic glass, Forex panels, PVC panels and aluminium composite panels. With your STRIEBIG panel saw, you can process advertising materials in various sizes and formats, including large-format banners, hoarding and signs. With different saw blades, the vertical panel saws are suitable for processing a wide range of materials and support efficient production of advertising materials with fast set-up times and precise results. In advertising technology, STRIEBIG machines are therefore indispensable for the production of customised and high-quality advertising material for various industries.

Striebig saws are versatile tools in shipbuilding and are used in various applications. They enable precise cuts of special-purpose panels for shipbuilding such as plywood, lightweight panels, MDF panels and composite materials for the construction of decks, bulkheads, cabin walls and panelling. In addition, they are ideal for the production of furniture and interior fittings such as cabinets, beds and tables in shipbuilding. STRIEBIG panel saws also enable the production of ceiling and wall panelling in interior construction. Furthermore, they are also used for repair and maintenance work to replace damaged parts and ensure the functionality and safety of ships. This makes the STRIEBIG panel saw a crucial tool for efficient and precise production in shipbuilding, both for new construction and for repair and maintenance work.

Due to their versatility in woodworking and the processing of non-ferrous metals and plastics, vertical panel saws from Striebig can also be used in some special applications. For example, they are ideal for exhibition space and shop construction, the automotive industry, prototype construction and model making. Vertical panel saws also perform reliably in shipbuilding, in DIY stores or in truck body building. Wherever precise cutting and fitting of wood, plastics, plasterboard and non-ferrous metal composites is required, the STRIEBIG panel saw is the perfect choice.

Panel saws from Striebig are very versatile tools and offer a wide range of applications in different industries. In woodworking, they are used for the precise cutting of panels for furniture, cabinets and other wood products. In metalworking, they are used for cutting non-ferrous metal panels and composite materials for metal structures and façade cladding, for example aluminium composite panels. In plastics processing, they enable the precise cutting of plastic panels for the production of advertising materials, displays and signs. In advertising technology, they are used for the precise cutting and processing of materials such as acrylic glass, PVC panels and aluminium composite panels for the production of signs and displays. Striebig machines are also used in the construction industry for cutting construction panels, fire protection panels, the production of formwork elements and the processing of insulation materials. STRIEBIG saws are also used in many other industries where precise cutting and processing of flat materials is required and the durability of our machines is appreciated.

  • Vertical panel saws for cutting wooden panels, chipboard, acrylic glass, aluminium, plastic and composite panels.
  • Striebig machines are used in furniture construction, drywall construction, interior finishing, prefabricated-house construction, non-ferrous metal processing and plastics processing.
  • Cutting to size: wooden panels, acrylic glass, chipboard, triple-layer panels, OSB panels, MDF panels, plaster board, drywall panels, aluminium composite panels