STRIEBIG spare parts

STRIEBIG panel saws are designed for long-lasting use and user-friendly operation. To ensure that your panel saw provides optimal performance even after years of woodworking, regular maintenance and the replacement of specific spare parts is recommended. Spare parts can be ordered from your Striebig sales partner. If required, the corresponding service team will be happy to support you with on-site customer service directly at your STRIEBIG panel saw. Representatives all over the world ensure that you receive the support you need, wherever you are.

There are many good reasons for using spare parts. Vertical panel saws are complex machines with many moving parts. These can wear out or become damaged over time. Spare parts replace defective parts and help to keep the machine in good running condition. This way you ensure smooth operation and minimise unplanned downtime. In addition, you also increase the safety of operators and other persons as well. Last but not least, well maintained vertical panel saws work more efficiently; their comprehensive functionality is ensured and their service life is significantly increased.

At Striebig, you are offered comprehensive services related to spare parts. Spare parts for the STRIEBIG CONTROL, the STRIEBIG EVOLUTION, the STRIEBIG COMPACT and other models are available from stock. You are not sure which parts are the correct ones for your woodworking machine? Our team will be happy to consult you when ordering the optimal components. With our reliable shipping and delivery service, we ensure that the spare parts reach you as quickly as possible and that your panel saw can be put back into operation without delay. With our genuine STRIEBIG spare parts and our excellent customer service, we guarantee that you will always be provided with a solution to match your needs.

To ensure that your panel saw functions optimally, Striebig offers a wide range of spare parts. We also supply saw blades that are specially developed for your panel saw and that are available in various sizes and tooth configurations to meet the different requirements and materials. The comprehensive range of spare parts also comprises belts and motor drives, extraction bonnets as well as guide and support rollers. Electronic and control components such as replacement cables, switches, sensors and electronic control assemblies are also part of the range. Spare parts for protective devices and safety components, for example spare covers or safety sensors are particularly important. In addition to larger components, we also offer many small parts such as dust wipers, screws and guide inserts.

Genuine spare parts are specifically developed and manufactured for STRIEBIG panel saws. They are optimally matched to your machine and fit perfectly. In contrast, compatibility problems can occur with replica spare parts which can have a negative effect on the function and safety of your STRIEBIG machine. Spare parts from Striebig are known for their high quality and durability. They are made from high-quality materials. Another advantage of genuine spare parts is their guarantee. Should any problems arise, you can be sure that we will find a satisfactory solution together immediately. All in all, genuine Striebig spare parts are an investment in the performance and longevity of your STRIEBIG machine. By using these parts you can be sure that your saw will operate in perfect condition and perform efficiently for many years.

There are many imitations on the market. At first glance they may seem cheaper, but in most cases genuine spare parts will save you money, time and also trouble in the long run. We therefore recommend that you procure spare parts only from us or from our authorised dealers. When purchasing parts, it is also worthwhile to pay attention to the manufacturer's specifications. If a spare part corresponds exactly to Striebig's specifications, you can be sure that it is a genuine spare part. Last but not least, genuine and replica spare parts can usually be distinguished by their quality. Spare parts from Striebig are robust, solid and durable.

Spare parts from Striebig are marked with a unique part number. These numbers are used to identify and order the individual components of your saw. Please refer to the supplied operating instructions with the integrated spare parts list to identify spare part numbers. The spare parts and their corresponding numbers are listed in our comprehensive spare parts catalogue. If you are unsure about a spare part number for your STRIEBIG CONTROL, STRIEBIG 4D or any other model of our panel saws, please call us. Our customer service team will be happy to advise you.

Spare parts can be obtained from authorised dealers around the world. Orders can be placed by telephone, e-mail or via the order form. When ordering, please state the exact part numbers and the quantities you need as well as the serial number of your STRIEBIG panel saw in order to avoid confusion. You can also find authorised dealers in your area via our website. They will be happy to help you select the right parts and answer any questions you may have about compatibility and installation.

Long delivery times for spare parts can often lead to interruptions in operation. Therefore, we always try to send spare parts as quickly as possible. As a rule, you will receive genuine Striebig spare parts promptly from stock. However, this depends on various factors, such as the availability of the spare part or the distance to your location. As soon as you submit a request for a spare part, you will be informed of the exact delivery time. If your order is particularly urgent, we can also coordinate with you an express delivery. If a spare part is not immediately available, we will create a backorder and forward the part to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, Striebig or one of our authorised dealers can also suggest an alternative spare part that can be used instead of the unavailable spare part. To this end, we make sure that the alternative part fulfils the same functions as the one you originally ordered.

Installation depends on the type of spare part and the year of manufacture of your STRIEBIG panel saw. Regardless, it is always important to follow the specific instructions and guidelines provided by Striebig. These usually contain detailed steps that you must follow. In addition, installation requires certain technical knowledge. When installing spare parts, it is essential to observe the applicable safety measures. To avoid injury, switch off the panel saw before installation and observe all safety precautions. This includes pressing the emergency stop button to ensure that the woodworking machine is not accidentally switched on during installation. In addition, ensure that you have the necessary tools and equipment at hand, e.g. screwdrivers, open-ended spanners or Allen keys. The installation should be done carefully. Make sure that all spare parts are correctly aligned and securely fastened. Make sure to perform a function check after installation. Check that the components work properly and perform the intended functions. If you need assistance, the Striebig service team or worldwide service partners will be happy to help.

Regular maintenance and service will extend the service life of spare parts and ensure that they function reliably. The tasks involved range from cleaning and lubrication to regular inspection, depending on the part. It is advisable to follow the specific maintenance instructions and recommendations provided by Striebig and seek assistance from professionals or authorised service partners when necessary. This ensures proper maintenance of the spare parts.

STRIEBIG spare parts are essential to maintaining the performance and functionality of your vertical panel saws over the long term. Spare parts can be ordered from authorised dealers. Installation of spare parts requires following the manufacturer's specific instructions and observing safety measures. Regular maintenance and care of the spare parts is important to extend their service life. This includes cleaning, lubrication and regular inspections. Follow Striebig's maintenance instructions and, if necessary, seek assistance from specialists or authorised service partners. It is important to use genuine Striebig spare parts as they are optimally matched to the panel saws to ensure the best quality and performance.

Conclusion: If you own a STRIEBIG saw, you should rely on quality and genuine spare parts. This is a prerequisite for ensuring the unique features of the machine. Investing in genuine STRIEBIG spare parts is pays off in the long run, as they not only maintain the functionality of the saw, but also ensure safety and reliability.

  • STRIEBIG spare parts are essential to maintaining the performance and functionality of vertical panel saws in the long term.
  • Spare parts can be ordered from authorised dealers; the use of genuine Striebig spare parts is recommended as they are perfectly matched to the panel saws and provide optimal quality and performance.
  • The installation of spare parts requires following the manufacturer's specific instructions and observing safety precautions.
  • Regular maintenance and care will extend the life of the spare parts.
  • It is important to follow Striebig's maintenance instructions and seek assistance from professionals or authorised service partners when necessary.