STRIEBIG 4D sawing centre

The 1-man operation and the connection to a cutting optimisation system ensure excellent levels of efficiency and top material utilisation. The STRIEBIG 4D sawing center works fully automatically in NC mode for demanding panel cutting without turning the panels. The necessary options are the fully automatic panel lowering devices (PAV), the fully automatic panel feeder (PPS) and the equipment package STRIEBIG ExpertCut 4D with the intelligent and user-friendly cutting optimisation. The saw combines smooth cutting with effortless 1-man operation. This ensures consistency in the production process.

Materials with cutting thicknesses up to a maximum of 130 mm can be cut using the optional extended cutting depths EST.105 or EST.130. These options can be ordered ex works for new machines and cannot be retrofitted.

Manual cutting is possible, but should not be the main field of application of your STRIEBIG 4D vertical saw.

No, these options cannot be retrofitted. Your STRIEBIG 4D sawing centre must be equipped with these options ex works.