Options and accessories

The automatic bottom trimming option (4SB) is available for the CONTROL model.

No, it is not possible to retrofit the 4SB option.

The bottom trimmed section can be adjusted with 4SB in the range of 7-10 mm in the CONTROL control system (from model Con 18). On all older models, the trimming section is fixed at 7 mm for 4SB and cannot be changed.

Yes, this is included in the scope of supply of 4SB.

In principle yes. However, this is dependent on factors such as weight (max. 300 kg), panel thickness, condition and cleanliness of the panel surface. Tests should ideally be carried out at the factory if there are any uncertainties.

The panel length is at least 1800 mm so that it can be lifted by means of a panel lifter.

The scoring saw unit can be retrofitted to the AUTOMAT III, AUTOMAT III TRK, STANDARD III, STANDARD III TRK, COMPACT and STANDARD S models. The CONTROL and EVOLUTION models from 2008 onwards are equipped with a VSA preparation and retrofitting is possible.

Yes, the angle cutting unit can be mounted on all models from 1968 onwards.

For the models CONTROL (from model Con 18) and EVOLUTION (from model Evo 18) a UPS capacitor can be installed optionally. For the model STRIEBIG 4D (from model STRIEBIG 4D 20) it is standard equipment. If the system voltage is interrupted, the energy of the ultracapacitors is released in a controlled manner, thus preventing an uncontrolled system crash. The machine computer is shut down in a controlled manner.

OptiDivide enables consistent production data in the manufacturing process, including on existing STRIEBIG machines. It provides more efficiency in panel cutting and thus reduces the cutting time. The system works independently of the machine control system and can therefore be retrofitted to many STRIEBIG models.

OptiDivide accepts parts lists from ERP and CAD systems as CSV files. The cutting optimisation can be used in the office or directly on the panel saw. An intelligent visualisation on the touchscreen guides the operator through the individual cutting steps. Manual machine operation is guided by the data displayed on the operator terminal. For operation in automatic mode, the display consists of the cutting plan overview and the processing progress. The positioning of the length stop for vertical cuts and the adjustment of the saw unit for horizontal cuts are carried out manually.