Materials and extraction systems

A STRIEBIG vertical saw is universally applicable. In addition to the main material, wood-based boards, composite, acrylic glass, plastic or non-ferrous metal panels can also be processed. In order to achieve optimum cutting results, cutting tests can be carried out at the factory beforehand. The extensive range of accessories enables further product-specific processing, e.g. by grooving or milling.

It is possible to cut plasterboards. Dust formation is reduced through the use of a two-speed motor. Owing to the high level of respirable dust formation, we recommend the use of a TRK model. The following points should also be taken into account:

The maintenance intervals for the panel saw should be shortened when cutting gypsum plasterboard, as this is an abrasive material. Ideally, different extraction systems are available to separate the gypsum dust from the wood dust.

Yes, in order to comply with the TRK values, the vertical saw must be connected to an on-site exhaust system when processing materials.

Old STRIEBIG vertical saws that are not dust tested can not be retrofitted to the TRK emission values required by the BGHM.

Yes, the extraction side of the machine can be modified locally by a technician.

A vertical panel saw like the STRIEBIG panel saw is ideal for angle sawing of wooden panels and wood-based materials. Common materials that are well suited for angle sawing with a vertical panel saw include solid wood, chipboard, MDF, plywood and certain plastic panels such as acrylic glass and PVC.

A vertical panel saw can be used for precise angle cutting for furniture, frames, doors, windows and other wooden structures. Your STRIEBIG saw can also be used for angle sawing wood-based materials required for furniture making, interior design and other wood-based projects.

To ensure that the materials are within the capacity of the machine and can be sawn safely, it is important to consider the maximum cutting height and depth of the specific panel saw and to read the instruction manual carefully.