Striebig AG

since 1958

Confidence, ability, continuity

For us, vertical sawing technology is both passion and mission.

We are the only manufacturer of woodworking machines in the world with an exclusive focus on one product category: vertical panel saws.

We create sustainable values – with all our experience, with a high degree of passion in our development team and extensive knowledge of your daily requirements: the STRIEBIG, synonym for vertical panel saws.

We owe our leading market position for decades to your confidence, consistent "Swiss Made" with maximum product quality and the reliability of our established specialist trading partners.


Certified all around

The overall economic and ecological context is always the focus of our activities. Our entire company is certified for its management systems in the areas of quality, environment, occupational health and safety.


  • 1958
    Ludwig Striebig, master joiner from Littau/Switzerland, builds a vertical panel saw for his own joinery workshop, consisting of a wooden frame and a beam with a moving sawing unit

  • 1958/59
    The basic concept of today's vertical panel saw is developed in Ludwig Striebig's joinery workshop

  • 1960/61
    Model 62 is prepared for series production

  • 1961
    Market launch of Model 62

  • 1964
    Market launch of Model 64
    Development of a network of dealers abroad,
    Striebig takes part in the Swiss National Exhibition in Lausanne

  • 1968/72
    Market launch of Model 68 / expansion of the model 68 series

  • 1977
    Foundation of Striebig AG
    Named “Best Partner” by the Association of German Machine and Tool Wholesalers (FDM)

  • 1978
    Market launch of the AUTOMAT model

  • 1979
    Market launch of the ECONOM model

  • 1982
    Market launch of the TEMPOMAT
    Named “Best Partner” by the Association of German Machine and Tool Wholesalers (FDM)

  • 1983
    Innovation award, IWIE – Birmingham

  • 1991
    Market launch of the STANDARD II Plus and AUTOMAT II Plus models / German Prize for Outstanding Innovative Achievement for Trade

  • 1993
    Market launch of the STANDARD III / TRK and AUTOMAT III / TRK models. Special sizes added to the standard portfolio

  • 1997 Equipment of the STANDARD II and the ECONOM IIA with the TRK extraction system

  • 1998
    Delivery of the 30,000th STRIEBIG panel saw to Scobalit

  • 1999
    Market launch of the COMPACT model
    ISO 9001 certification

  • 2001/02
    Market launch of the EVOLUTION and CONTROL model series
    “Design Prize Switzerland” 2001 – for the new EVOLUTION and CONTROL model series. Recognition awards in the area of “industrial design”.
    Market launch of the automatic four-sided trimming function on EVOLUTION and CONTROL.

  • 2004
    Market launch of the newly designed and enhanced COMPACT, restructuring of the sales programme
    Successful re-certification according to ISO-9001:2000 and ISO-14001:2004; new occupational safety certification according to OHSAS 18001:1999

  • 2005
    Market launch of the new STANDARD (TRK1 / TRK2) at the Ligna+

  • 2006
    Start of construction work for a new production and administration building in Littau/Lucerne

  • 2007
    Autumn 2007: Company moves into the new production and administration building
    Nov. 2007: Introduction of the new COMPACT / COMPACT AV in Basel

  • 2009
    May 2009: Introduction of the new CONTROL and EVOLUTION saws with cutting-edge “touch & saw” operating system at the Ligna+
    EVOLUTION = superior class vertical sawing technology
    CONTROL = premium class vertical cutting centre

  • 2010
    Many successful re-certifications: ISO-9001:2008, ISO-14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007

  • 2011
    Integration of the tool database into the “touch & saw” operating system, a total of more than a dozen improvements in the product range within one year

  • 2012
    After 10 years, the EVOLUTION and CONTROL still maintain a secure position as market leaders in vertical panel saws

  • 2013
    May 2013: Introduction of the STRIEBIG 4D. The vertical high-end sawing centre.

  • 2014
    January 2014: The first STRIEBIG 4D is installed at a customer and stands the test from the very beginning

  • 2017
    May 2017: Introduction of the STANDARD S.

  • 2019
    2019: ExpertCut CON / BaseCut CON / OptiDivide

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