Quantum leap in terms of technology

The trilogy of efficient sawing

With the fully-automatic panel lowering device PAV, the programmable panel feeder PPS and the panel optimisation programme POP, the 4D boasts unique equipment options.

PAV – the fully-automatic panel lowering device

The fully-automatic panel lowering device PAV ensures vertical transport of the workpiece through the saw.

The PAV clamps are coated and designed for sensitive surfaces.

The clamps on each lowering device hold panels up to a weight of 130 kg.

PPS – the fully-automatic, programmable panel feeder

The fully-automatic, programmable panel feeder (PPS unit) ensures the horizontal transport of the workpiece.

The panel rests securely on the roller support. The PPS unit grips the panel with its special clamp and positions it with a precision of 0.1 mm. Done.

POP – the panel optimisation programme

The 4D is the first vertical saw to offer intelligent cut optimisation as an option. POP (panel optimisation programme) is completely integrated in the saw's control system.

It facilitates an automatic cutting sequence, optimum sawing procedure and the best possible material utilisation. We will consult you about the interfaces to your PPS system.

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