It runs and runs and runs

Individual enhancement of performance and comfort.

The STANDARD provides comprehensive factory-installed standard equipment.
With a wide range of accessories you can adapt the saw to the very specific requirements of your company.

Aluminium small workpiece support

Aluminium as standard, wood as option. Small workpieces can be cut at ideal working height.

Central support high-end frame

To be used when processing particularly difficult panel coatings.

Paper holder

All work documents are kept available right beside the control unit.

DMS – Digital measuring system

Measures accurate to within 1/10 mm.

WSG – Angle cutting unit

Maintains the set dimension accurately in all angle settings.

Grooving and routing

Grooving and routing of wood materials and composite panels on the STANDARD is easy with the appropriate additional equipment.

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Simple and individual – configure your very own STANDARD


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