Intelligence meets ergonomics

Enhancement – accessories for your EVOLUTION, entirely individual

Every EVOLUTION is well equipped when it leaves the factory.
You can customise it further thanks to the wide range of options. Including custom dimensions, on request. Let us advise you

VSA – Scoring saw unit

Saves time, money and tools. Even greater cutting quality for coated panels.

OptiDivide – the retrofittable version

Provides greater automation in pane cutting. The system works inde-pendently of the machine control.

Grooving and routing

Grooving and routing of wood materials and composite panels on the EVOLUTION is easy with the appropriate additional equipment.

WSG - Angle cutting unit

Maintains the set dimension accurately in all angle settings.

High-end frame

To be used when processing particularly difficult panel coatings.

Accessories marked with an asterisk cannot be retrofitted and must be selected when placing the order.

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